Mixed cheese & onion (v)

Slow sautéed onions with Lancashire, mature cheddar, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, Smoked Applewood and grated cheddar. Finished with a cheese sauce and fresh chives.

This is the number 1 pie for a lot of pie lovers. Five of the finest British cheeses all melting together perfectly. It is very simply the best cheese and onion pie ever made.


The Lords Tip

Think fresh with this pie, absolutely amazing with salad and slaw. Serve hot with braised red cabbage or bang it on a sharing platter board with some pickles & chutney.


Celery, gluten, eggs, milk, mustard

Cooking Instructions

Bang the pie in pre-heated oven on a baking tray.

175-185oC for 20-25 mins depending on your setup & style.


30-40 seconds in a microwave full power, then in pre-heated oven at 185oC for 10-15 minutes depending on setup & style.

Fully defrost in fridge then follow instructions from fresh. Always check pie is piping hot after it has been frozen.