Sweet potato with spinach & goats cheese (v)

Sweet potato with spinach & goats cheese (v)

Sauteed onions, leeks and fresh herbs. Mixed with sweet potato and fresh spinach finished with the finest goats cheese.

This pie is a really good veggie pie, the combination of flavour from the sweet potato, goats cheese and spinach against the pastry doesn’t sound like a classic but it is a beautiful modern pie.


This pie is really nice with fresh salad, I  recommend a fresh basil and tomato salad with balsamic to compliment the goats cheese.


Celery. Gluten, eggs, milk, soya, mustard

Cooking Instructions

Bang the pie in pre-heated oven on a baking tray.

175-185oC for 20-25 mins depending on your setup & style.


30-40 seconds in a microwave full power, then in pre-heated oven at 185oC for 10-15 minutes depending on setup & style.

Fully defrost in fridge then follow instructions from fresh. Always check pie is piping hot after it has been frozen.